• HQU Union of Student Clubs

    I. General IntroductionHQU Union of Student Clubs operates on the principle of serving, guiding and managing Student Clubs, flourishing campus culture, aiming to build a bridge between HQU and the Student Clubs and provide a platform for students to share resources and practice skills.The Union consists of 8 offices:…

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  • Unique Campus Cultural Events

    With students from over 50 countries and regions, Huaqiao University encourages students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and international students to display their home culture, while maintaining the dominant position of traditional Chinese culture. Over years, the integration of different cultures helps to build …

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  • HQU Students' Union (HQUSU)

    I. General IntroductionHQUSU is an autonomous organization managed by students of Huaqiao University, the chairman units of both Student Associations of Quanzhou City and Fujian Province, and the vice chairman unit of Student Association of Xiamen City. The Students’ Union represents the rights and interests of all …

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  • Huaqiao University Library

    With some 7,191 reading seats, Huaqiao University Library consists of the main branch library and Dazhong branch on Quanzhou campus, Zheng Nianjin Library on Xiamen campus and 9 other branch libraries in different schools and colleges. A high-speed network and a holistic management of the allocation of electronic and…

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  • HQU Student Community

    HQU Student Community has 46 dormitories that accommodate more than 28,000 students. Among them, 33 are on Quanzhou campus, with single rooms, double rooms, quad rooms and six-person rooms distributed in Lianyuan Garden, Citong Garden, Meiyuan Garden and Zijing Garden, while the others, with quad rooms and double roo…

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  • Sports Venues and Facilities

    ​Sports Venues and Facilities of Huaqiao University (Quanzhou Campus)

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  • Dining at Quanzhou Campus

    Dining Hall No. 1 (Local Specialties Restaurant) features regionally-inspired foods. Besides different snacks, a great variety of local specialties are offered, such as kebab, Sichuan spicy hot pot, Fujian cuisine, northwest-style noodles, Cantonese cuisine.Dining Hall No. 2 features its huge selection of snacks. Eve…

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  • Catering Service Center

    Huaqiao University Catering Service Center (CSC) administers 6 canteens including Dining Hall No.1, Dining Hall No.2, Dining Hall No.3, Xiyuan Dining Hall, Nanyuan Dining Hall and Muslim Dining Hall, providing food service for students and staff at Quanzhou campus. Adhering to the purpose of “providing service for t…

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  • Canteens at Xiamen Campus

     Xiamen campus provides students with foods in its seven canteens, namely Fenglin Canteen, Fengzhu Canteen, Fenghua Canteen, and Fengxiang Canteen, Zijing the First Canteen, Zijing the Second Canteen and Zijing the Third Canteen. Muslim food is offered on the third floor of the Logistics Service Building to cater to …

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